Increased Astaxanthin production in algal systems  (PBM-2017-ASTAX)

Status: Available for Research Collaboration

Contact: Nick Zelver, 406-994-7706

MSU has developed a process to use bicarbonate to double the rate of astaxanthin production in commercial algal systems.


One-step bulk synthesis process for phosphorus (P)-doped graphitic carbon (SNP-2017-PCx)

Status: Available for Licensing and/or Research Collaboration

Contact: Gary Bloomer, 406-994-7786

Low oxygen content and a widely-tunable phosphorus content may allow for use of this material as stable phosphorus-based electrodes or as a catalyst of the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in fuel cells.


Discrimination of Herbicide-resistant Weeds with Hyperspectral Imaging  (SJA-2016-DETECT) 

Status: Available for Licensing and/or Research Collaboration

Contact: Daniel Juliano, 406-994-7483

At Montana State University, an electrical engineering professor and a weed scientist have used funding from the state to develop a technology that can identify herbicide-resistant kochia, with the potential to save farmers $1 billion per year.  This technology is now available for licensing.

MSU develops technology to help growers fight herbicide-resistant weed