Technologies Available for Licensing:


Diode laser for low-cost identification of water in the lower atmosphere (RKS-2015-VAPOR)

Status: Available for Non-Exclusive Licensing and/or Research Collaboration

Contact: Gary Bloomer, 406-994-7786

Better weather forecasting with a micro-pulse differential absorption LIDAR (DIAL).

Micropulse Differential Absorption Lidar


Discrimination of Herbicide-resistant Weeds with Hyperspectral Imaging (SJA-2016-DETECT) 

Status: Available for Licensing and/or Research Collaboration

Contact: Daniel Juliano, 406-994-7483

At Montana State University, an electrical engineering professor and a weed scientist have used funding from the state to develop a technology that can identify herbicide-resistant kochia, with the potential to save farmers $1 billion per year.  This technology is now available for licensing.

Supporting publications:

MSU develops technology to help growers fight herbicide-resistant weed

Journal of Applied Remote Sensing: Discrimination of herbicide-resistant kochia with hyperspectral imaging


Trimodal Handheld Probe Based on Raman Spectroscopy and Confocal Imaging for Cancer Detection (DD-2008-PROBE)

Jointly developed with Vanderbilt University (link to VU website above).

Status: Available for Licensing

Contact: Nick Zelver, 406-994-7706

A single handheld device for combined confocal imaging and confocal Raman spectroscopy as well as gross spatial imaging as a clinical diagnostic tool for cancer detection in humans, with a specific emphasis on the skin. 

Biomedical Optics paper: Handheld Scanning Confocal Raman microspectroscopy system

MSU News article: MSU grad's work helps diagnose skin cancer without a biopsy

US 8,300,220


System for the Non-Destructive Removal of Radioactive Material from Challenging Porous Surfaces (AR-2006-ATOM)

Status: Exclusively Licensed

Contact: Nick Zelver, 406-994-7706

Effectively and efficiently cleans natural and man-made porous material of radioactive contamination.

System for the Non-Destructive Removal of Radioactive Material from Challenging Porous Surfaces

US 7,723,463
US 7,833,357
US 8,070,881


Flying Insect Detection and Identification (SJA-2004-BEES)

Status: Available for Licensing

Contact: Daniel Juliano, 406-994-7483

Flying Insect Detection and Identification

Applied Optics paper: Range-resolved optical detection of honeybees by use of wingbeat modulation of scattered light for locating land mines2019 paper: Field demonstration of a wing-beat modulation lidar for the 3D mapping of flying insects

US 7,511,624