Montana State University (MSU) seeks a partner to license and commercialize MTCL19151, a Clearfield hard red winter wheat developed from a cross of MT0871 (HW winter experimental line) to a sister line of SY Clearstone designated as 06X445B1-2 (segregating for two als genes conveying tolerance to imidazolinone herbicides). MTCL19151 has a similar yield to that of Yellowstone with yield advantages in certain locations such as Huntley, Sidney and Williston compared to SY Clearstone. It also shows comparable or higher yield to Brawl CL Plus. MTCL19151 is both shorter and has better winter hardiness than SY Clearstone and Brawl CL Plus. Mill and bake characteristics show that performance is like that of Yellowstone, with consistently low PPO values that may be suitable for alkaline noodles. 

MTCL19151 trials data

MTCL19151 mill and bake characteristics


  • Early heading medium-maturity semi-dwarf HRWW
  • Good yield potential, test weight, and protein
  • Better winter hardiness
  • Good mill and bake characteristics, suitable for alkaline noodles (Wheat Quality Council Report, 2022)


  • US plant variety protection (PVP) rights available for license and commercialization in all states; international plant breeder’s rights available for license and commercialization outside the United States.

  • Additional agronomic information available in the MTCL19151 Variety Release Package.
  • Licensee(s) to purchase ~700 bu treated Foundation Seed in September 2023 from MSU at a rate of $42/bu.
  • Licensee(s) must have a BASF Clearfield Commercial license.  BASF has certain requirements that the licensee must follow, and will not allow MSU to license to a company that does not have the BASF Clearfield Commercial license.
  • To submit a licensing proposal, respond by 11:59pm Friday, August 25, 2023, to the licensing opportunity announcement at: MTCL19151_Licensing_Opportunity_and_Term_Sheet.


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Daniel Juliano, Ph.D.   |   (406) 994-7483   |