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MSU Spectrum Lab student

MSU is a founding member of a regional technology hub which will receive a $41 million federal grant to help create tech jobs across Montana.

Students gather with mentors at the MSU Blackstone LaunchPad to discuss their entrepreneurial ideas.

With new funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation, research conducted at Montana State University will have more opportunities to be translated into products and solutions with extended real-life impact. 

MSU grad student conducts bioscience

A collaborative program between Montana State University and the University of Washington is helping graduate students better adapt their research for application in the real world across a wide spectrum of academic disciplines.

MSU graduate student Sheikh Parvez works with specialty microscopes in the MonArk Quantum Foundry on March 29, 2022

MSU will partner with stakeholders to explore how the region could position itself as a leader in the quantum technology supply chain.

montana state logo

This funding is designed to support pre-commercialization activities around faculty inventions exhibiting strong market potential. 

Nursing professor Elizabeth Johnson with her wearable clinical trial safety bracelet

Elizabeth Johnson has created a wearable device to help clinicians and researchers communicate about safety information related to clinical trials.

Brock LaMeres holds a component of a RadPC prototype

A unique computer technology developed over the past decade at Montana State University is one step closer to being used in spacecraft after winning an award from NASA.

biocontrol researcher

Research at MSU's Montana Agricultural Experiment Stations has resulted in a patent and license for a wheat pest biocontrol.