Montana State University (MSU) seeks a partner to license and commercialize MT2049, a hard red spring wheat derived from the “Lanning”/MT1415. Lanning was derived from the cross “Vida” (MT 0909), which is currently the most widely grown spring wheat variety in Montana. MT2049 exhibits good yield potential in all environments, but particularly in rainfed environments. Across all environments, MT2049 is placed in the top yielding group at 64.3 bu/ac, with similar yield to Vida. Additionally, it shows a good grain protein content which is higher than Vida. It also exhibits an earlier heading date and maturity than Vida.

MT2049 data table


  • High yielding, hollow stem, drought tolerant line for MT rainfed environments
  • Early maturity
  • High tillering
  • Short stature
  • Good protein content




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