Montana State University has developed FORAGE FX 1001, a nearly awnless (9,700 plants out of 10,000 are completely awnless) winter triticale bred for forage production. FORAGE FX 1001 is taller and matures earlier than winter cereal forage standards Trical® 102 winter triticale and Willow Creek reduced awned hard red winter forage wheat. FORAGE FX 1001 is typically three centimeters taller and three days earlier to head than Trical® 102, and twenty centimeters taller and heads an average of ten days earlier than Willow Creek. The variety was screened for winter hardiness and consistently produces forage and seed yields comparable to or exceeding Trical® 102 in dryland and irrigated trials in Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

triticale in a field

With 9,700, out of every 10,000 plants completely awnless, cold hardiness, early maturity, and excellent forage yield, FORAGE FX 1001 is an attractive triticale variety for forage production.


  • Nearly Awnless: 97% of plants are completely awnless to reduce incidences of lump-jaw, sore eyes, and other similar concerns in livestock feeding situations
  • High Yielding: Consistently high forage yields in a variety of irrigated and dryland trials
  • Cost-Effective Seed Production: Solid seed yield for efficient seed expansion and sales
  • Cold Hardy: Bred to perform in the harsh northern climates of Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming


  • International plant variety protection rights available for license and commercialization outside the United States and Canada (PVP pending in the United States)

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